Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Referral Process and Information

Attorneys in Our Program: Participation in our program is voluntary for attorneys. Because of this, we do not have attorneys in every specialty area nor can we guarantee a referral will be accepted.  Dependent on many factors obtaining a referral (if accepted by an attorney) may take several days.  We screen all our attorneys for ongoing education and relevant case work. All our attorneys are insured and are in good standing with the Colorado Supreme Court, which licenses and regulates attorneys in the state. All of our attorneys charge customary rates and fees: Hourly average: $200-$300 Possible Retainer Fees: $2,000-$15,000 

Referral Process: The referral process may take several days, though we are working to provide a faster service for you. Our service is appropriate for people interested in hiring an attorney. Please provide a description of events with dates and names of other parties involved in your legal matter. The attorney will decide whether or not they may be of help based on your summary and conflict checks. Attorneys are not to accept referrals that are not in their practice area.  They will also not accept referrals if they do not have the availability to consult within a reasonable amount of time.

Once an attorney accepts your referral, you will be sent their name and phone number. You will need to call their office to schedule an appointment. They will, also, be given your name and contact information to ensure that you were referred through our program.

During this time, you may explain your situation in more detail to the attorney and discuss the fees the attorney would charge you after the initial 30 minutes have passed. Please be aware that our attorneys are under no obligation to provide general legal advice during this consultation. It is merely an opportunity for the attorney to assess your case, provide you with information about your legal options and for you to determine if the attorney is a good fit to represent you.  

If for some reason a referral cannot be made through our program, we will notify you with that information as well.

Upcoming Changes to our Referral Process

There is no longer a referral fee for our program. However, the referred attorney may charge up to $100 for the initial minimum 30-minute consultation.

Contingency Cases usually come with a free initial consultation. Examples of contingency cases are personal injury, bankruptcy, social security appeals, worker's compensation, etc.